TRAQ: Building the High-Achieving Sales Team

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With more than 25 years’ experience leading sales teams, the founders at TRAQ recognized how challenging it can be building revenue organizations that are engineered to predictably win deals. The TRAQ team has seen it all, from ineffective sales follow-ups to poorly executed customer discovery, to sales leaders not imparting their knowledge across the sales organization.

Unfortunately, this is just how many sales organizations operate, but there is a better way to generate revenue.

This is where TRAQ comes in. We have developed the industry’s most powerful revenue assistant technology. By using AI to analyze client interactions and conversations, while being hyper focused on the revenue lifecycle, our technology creates consistent knowledge across the entire sales organization, ensuring that best practices and insights-driven follow-ups are leveraged by every member of the sales team.

Imagine a super sales rep, a hyper-smart account executive, or a visionary customer success manager. By using TRAQ everyone in the revenue organization becomes connected and elevated as TRAQ reveals insights, opportunities, and risks through each client interaction, TRAQ intelligently coaches your sales team and helps opportunities to move more quickly through the commercial funnel.

This is the power of TRAQ.

TRAQ empowers sales leaders to create super effective sales organizations

How TRAQ works:

Behind every successful business is a powerful and effective sales organization. But here’s the reality; most sales organizations struggle to meet their objectives and perform at levels needed to sustain growth and provide predictable revenue.

It’s not for a lack of trying. Unfortunately, effort alone isn’t enough to win in today’s competitive markets with buyers unsure of their own buying process, needs, and decision-making criteria. TRAQ helps to overcome these challenges.

Our technology is engineered with an innate understanding of the revenue lifecycle and uses AI to transform interactions and conversations into repeatable sales success. And unlike humans, machines never forget; they have the energy to run continually and have limitless fidelity – seeing and understanding everything.

With its products, TRAQ empowers sales leaders to create super effective sales organizations that are connected through critical revenue related interactions and advanced coaching. This helps sales to understand why some deals move quickly through the funnel, whereas others are stuck, and why some prospective clients are asking one set of questions whereas others are asking very different questions.

This is the revenue lifecycle, and it varies from opportunity to opportunity. TRAQ uses the interactions from this very lifecycle to create order from chaos by creating coaching material, organizing meeting notes, extracting critical insights from client sessions, generating informed and insightful follow-ups for the sales team, while ensuring the revenue organization is using their most powerful and proven plays, so revenue opportunities can be closed much more quickly and reliably.

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