Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence.

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Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities to Sell and Grow at Scale

Sales organizations don’t have crucial data about their deals—and are losing sales as a result. The cause? Important conversational data isn’t captured during sales calls. This is because notetaking is cumbersome, time-consuming and distracting.

But not anymore. With Traq, all sales intelligence learned in the conversation is captured, transcribed and analyzed with AI, delivering the kind of visibility that wins more deals.

Our platform eliminates effort and dramatically accelerates the sale in four key ways:

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Efficiency records and transcribes sales calls with the highest accuracy, making manual (and distracted) notetaking a thing of the past.

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Intelligence AI analyzes each sales conversation to identify and categorize each detail, ensuring that nothing is lost—and next steps are clear.

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These AI-identified Opportunities, Risks, Follow-Up Tasks and more are stored in one place for easy reference. What used to be a scattered collection of incomplete notes is now a database of informative conversations.

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Sales leaders have effortless, comprehensive access to unbiased deal data, providing ultimate clarity into their team’s pipeline. This improves coaching, collaboration and deal strategy.

It’s X-Ray Vision for Sales Calls

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Agile, Data-Driven Account Strategy

Sales leaders and their teams can build pitch-perfect strategies based on authoritative, AI-driven analysis—and can easily course correct when data suggests a change is needed.

Risks and Opportunities Come into View

Traq’s AI evaluates and reports on every facet of the buyer/seller relationship, identifying risk factors and opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to see.

Continuous Teamwide Improvement

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Make Your Team a Dream Team

By effortlessly sharing notes, transcripts and recordings to collaborate or just get advice, sales professionals are always empowered to level-up their skills.

No End-of-the-Quarter Surprises

Removing the unreliable subjective elements from the sales process helps managers better understand buyer needs, spot emerging trends, and reliably identify which deals will—and won’t—close.

Adapts to Your Sales Process

Dedicated, Undivided Attention

Because captures and transcribes the sales conversation, reps can be fully engaged in the dialogue during every call.

All Signal, No Noise

Our AI categorizes words, phrases, and concepts in each conversation into Risks, Opportunities and more, making it easier to decide what to do next.

Second Sight detects buyer feedback that’s easy to miss, identifying gaps in the sales process, previously unseen concerns and more.

Thoughtful Follow-Up

Armed with comprehensive insights on each past conversation, reps can fine tune their follow-up strategies around the exact requests and objections of each client.

Use Recordings and Transcripts In New Ways

Audio and Transcription Options

Each conversation can be captured as an audio file and an AI-enhanced transcription. Deal intelligence is extracted from the transcription, while the recording provides emotional context.

Compatible with Any Conference Tool works with Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, BlueJeans, Jitsi, RingCentral and others. Recordings separate the speakers for better clarity and AI analysis.

Additional Note-Taking Options

It’s possible to add notes and highlights to the AI-enhanced call transcription. Our dictation function can generate typed notes, too.

Create Tasks from Notes

Existing notes and conversational data can be converted into Tasks to complete or assign to others. Reference documents can be attached to the call data, so everything is in one place.

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Da Vinci AI is’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine. Using the most advanced technologies available, Da Vinci analyzes sales conversations, transforming them from unstructured discourse into structured information that tells a story. Not just any story, but the critical insights and actionable intelligence you need to move deals forward.

With Da Vinci, you’ll:

  • Build a more effective and efficient sales organization
  • Gain ultimate visibility into your sales process
  • Understand the buyer's needs, core beliefs, pain, timing and more.
  • Prepare sales forecasts with unprecedented accuracy

All because of Da Vinci.  Bellissimo!

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Discover how Traq’s unique platform delivers value across your entire sales organization:

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Made for Sales Leaders is purpose-built to optimize teamwide efficiency, collaboration and improvement.

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Built for Sales Reps

Eliminate the distractions of notetaking, and get the inside track on what your buyer really thinks.

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Discover how our unique differentiators illuminate buyer behavior and improve win/close rates.

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Learn how we can take your team’s sales revenue and performance to the next level.

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