AI Note-Taking to Increase
Buyer Engagement
and Understanding

Eliminate manual notes, build trust with customers and prospects,
and increase wins.

Note-taking app with AI analysis

Effortless Notetaking, With AI

Sit back, relax, and chat with your buyer. While we’re recording your sales call, we’re also taking detailed notes, preparing deal-winning insights, analyzing the call and the opportunity, and summarizing the conversation.

    Note-taking app with AI analysis
    Note-taking app with AI analysis

    AI That Learns From You

    Each new conversation teaches something new, which in turn results in more precise insights. Review the AI insights and labels, adjust as needed, and make the AI your own.

    Win More with Objective Scores

    Want to know if your hard work is likely to pay off? With our scientific, AI-driven scores, you can stop guesstimating and act on solid data.

    Note-taking app with AI analysis

    No More Second-Guessing
    How the Call Went

    Now you can actually know which deal has a good chance of closing — and which has major roadblocks standing in the way. Reducing bias provides clarity and increases your ability to win.

    Call Score

    Look at the number, know how the call went. It’s that easy. Think of it like a credit score for your conversation — the higher the better.

    Sentiment Score

    With this metric, you can get a quick read on the buyer’s subtle signals and interest level. Sentiment score can fluctuate throughout an opportunity, ideally moving upwards over time.
    Note-taking app with AI analysis

    FAQ: How do You Measure Buyer Sentiment? takes into account dozens of quantitative and qualitative factors, analyzing the interaction between the buyer and seller to detect subtle signals hidden in the conversation.

    Note-taking app with AI analysis

    Easy-to-Find Conversation Notes

    After the call is processed with AI, you can find your Conversation Notes in the CRM automatically (if a major CRM) – or simply access your account to view.

      Call Prep in 5 Minutes or Less

      Want to prepare for the next call? Check out the Call Recap for all the highlights of your last conversation with the buyer.

      Note-taking app with AI analysis
      Note-taking app with AI analysis

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      Eliminate manual notes, build trust with customers and prospects, and increase wins.

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