Achieve Accurate Forecasts with Unprecedented Pipeline Visibility

Know which deals are likely to close (and when) to build
fact-based revenue projections.

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The Truth About Your Sales, at Your Fingertips

To estimate upcoming sales and revenue, what you want is less opinion and more real data, straight from customer and prospect interactions. Plus objective scoring and unbiased insights for every open opportunity.

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    5-Minute Deal Reviews

    Want to review any deal in progress? Easy. Open any past conversation and check out the Summary, Call Score and Engagement Score. Get up to speed on an hourlong conversation in mere minutes.

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    View and Score All Opportunities

    Want a full view of all open deals? Check out your Opportunity Report, including Sale Stage, Call Score, Sentiment Score, and Call Recap, to find areas that need attention. Team leads can view Opportunity Reports for the entire team.

    Better Projections, Sound Decisions

    An accurate sales and revenue forecast isn’t just important to your sales department. When you create projections based on solid data and AI-analysis, you’re allowing others — from the C-suite on down — to make sound strategic decisions.

    As a sales and revenue leader, unbiased pipeline visibility lets you:


    • Objectively estimate growth.
    • Understand the variables leading to closed-lost or closed-won.
    • Increase the accuracy of your predictions.
    • Smartly allocate resources.
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    How Close is Your Quota?

    Find out by looking at the Pipeline Report, which includes deal amounts and projected close dates of all your open opportunities. If you’re a team lead, your report will include all team members.

    Increasingly Accurate Predictions

    From the very first call you record with, our AI analyzes and scores the myriad qualitative and quantitative factors that lead to wins and losses; the resulting insights become more powerful with each conversation.

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      Know which deals are likely to close (and when) to build fact-based revenue projections.

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