Streamline your insurance claims processing

with AI-powered call analysis specifically for claims management.

Did you know that insurance fraud costs American consumers over $308.6 billion every year, and occurs in about 10% of property-casualty insurance losses?

From initial loss reports to management and administration, the way the insurance industry processes claims has changed very little over the past decade. Today, however, is disrupting insurance claims management — for the better.

Streamline your insurance claims processing

How are we doing it?

Insurance claims typically take about one month to resolve, depending on the state and type of claim. makes every minute count, by reducing your overall claims call effort while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Our unique artificial intelligence platform works seamlessly with your claims team – analyzing each call to identify facts, reduce disputes, and
detect potential fraud.

Evaluate insurance claims faster while reducing overall management cost.

Auto-generate call notes and call fraud reports within a centralized system.

Receive alerts when the system identifies potential fraudulent intent.

Learn exactly how your top performers are completing successful calls.

Discover specific areas to improve your claims interview process.

Insurance claims teams often face complicated scenarios

With over 5,900 insurance companies in the United States alone, the sector is complex and highly fragmented. In this environment, accurately capturing information throughout the lifecycle of a claim is more important than ever – you shouldn’t be struggling to provide your team with the tools they need to improve efficiency and accuracy! can record, transcribe and analyze calls between the insured, the insurance company, other adjusters, the agent and the claims call center – reducing the chance of errors and saving countless hours.

Ensure more accurate claims-processing by recognizing low-risk requests and identifying high-risk claims faster than ever before. Our technology will help close the gaps in your team’s processes to improve outcomes and provide better all-around service.

Achieve excellence with innovative automation

Instead of adjusters, underwriters or claims intake processors typing copious notes as the claimant (or involved party) describes a claim, the conversation is recorded, transcribed and then analyzed. can monitor everyone simultaneously and analyze in real-time, allowing you to understand each claim on an entirely new level.

Here’s how it works illuminates each insurance claim your team handles.

Streamline your insurance claims processing


Every call will be recorded and transcribed, then sent directly to the claims management system for documentation.

Streamline your insurance claims processing

Analyze’s Conversation Intelligence tool listens to every word spoken to reveal red flags and action items.

Streamline your insurance claims processing


Identify areas of concern and fraudulent intent patterns you may have missed on your own, while ensuring every word is documented for future reference.

Streamline your insurance claims processing
Streamline your insurance claims processing


No-Fuss Transcriptions

By analyzing data from each initial claims call, highlights key information and issues that are important to the case, and any critical details that the adjuster or insurance company should know about and take action on. 

In addition, our handy calendar integrations ensure you automatically capture every scheduled Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet call.

AI Note Taking

Claims management is an administrative-intensive endeavor with many repetitive and manual tasks. takes notes for you during each call, so you can give undivided attention to the claim itself. You can then link to your meeting notes directly from your CRM contacts – freeing up an average of 8-12 hours of admin time each week!

Instant Summaries

Prepare to increase productivity and accuracy while reducing operational costs. After every meeting, generates a summary of the transcript with key takeaways – making it easy to prepare for future calls and giving leaders the ability to catch up quickly on the status of each claim being processed. 


Conversation Intelligence

onversation Intelligence (CI) is a form of AI based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). What does this mean, exactly? can find important words and phrases in your conversations and extract specific insights from them.


      Streamline your insurance claims processing
      Streamline your insurance claims processing
      Streamline your insurance claims processing

      Conversation Intelligence ensures nothing gets missed.

      Remember, is listening and learning from every call. It catches the subtle nuances that are often overlooked, identifies gaps in the claims handling process, uncovers previously unseen concerns, and more.

      Objective Call Scores

      With AI gathering massive troves of data from your conversations, the result is an objective, unbiased system to score your calls – enabling realistic settlement forecasts when evaluating your pipeline. It makes it easy to run reports, understand the status of each account, and make strong strategic decisions about where to focus your team’s efforts. 

      Streamline your insurance claims processing


      Superpowered Claims Management Team

      The insights found and categorized by help you understand your audience like never before. Identify intent, unlock a new understanding of each claimant’s priorities, and track them as they change over time. Meanwhile, keeps learning from each one of your team’s recorded conversations.

      Accurate Forecasting

      Make fact-based projections thanks to a complete view of each claim being processed. Run Opportunity Reports to quickly see the status of every account and intervene where needed.

      Streamline your insurance claims processing

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      Streamline your insurance claims processing

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      Streamline your insurance claims processing
      Streamline your insurance claims processing
      Streamline your insurance claims processing

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      You don’t have to pay for until you start to see its impact on your claims handling.

      Streamline your insurance claims processing

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      Streamline your insurance claims processing

      Call Recording

      Record everything your buyer wants and needs to build trust and maximize wins.

      Conversation Intelligence

      Get the knowledge you need to improve productivity, effectiveness, and win rates.

      AI Note-Taking

      Eliminate manual notes, build trust with customers and prospects, and increase wins.

      Pipeline Visibility

      Know which deals are likely to close (and when) to build fact-based revenue projections.

      Sales Enablement

      Use the voice of your customers to hone your go-to-market strategies. mobile app/ The In-person meeting AI assistant

      Trade Show and In-person Meeting

      The essential app for capturing and optimizing your in-person meetings.

      Sales Leaders

      Ultimate clarity for every deal.

      Sales Reps

      Simplify the sale. Win more deals.


      Optimize sales and revenue.

      B2B Insurance

      Empower your insurance business

      Insurance Claims

      Streamline claims processing


      Better listening. Better results.

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