Enhance Your Sales Training
With Real-World Conversations

Use actual voice-of-customer data to create impactful sales enablement materials and inform your go-to-market strategies

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Deeper Market Insights

Capturing conversations doesn’t just increase your win rate: you’re gathering intelligence about common objections, popular and unpopular product features, and countless other topics.

    Keep Up With Competitors

    Adding one or more competitors as Topics keeps you informed and prepared if a prospect comments on a competitive offering. That’s just another way you can use Traq.ai to keep track of factors impacting your sales.

    Sales Enablement 3

    Spot Trends as They Happen

    Use the Insights Report to find trends by category: Opportunities, Risk, Actions, Topics, or Feature Requests. See how topics vary over weeks and months or by type of buyer. Review the Insights Report on a regular basis.

    Intelligence That Grows With You

    Any type of artificial intelligence requires some training, especially in the first phase of implementation. Start by reviewing your Workspace’s Insights and Topics list to ensure alignment with your business. For consistency, your AI insight categories are shared among the whole team.

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    Better Insights Over Time

    As the AI scores your interactions it learns what works in the context of your conversations, your team’s, and your business goals. Artificial intelligence builds on its own knowledge to give you more powerful insights every day.

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    Call Recording

    Record everything your buyer wants and needs to build trust and maximize wins.

    Conversation Intelligence

    Get the knowledge you need to improve productivity, effectiveness, and win rates.

    AI Note-Taking

    Eliminate manual notes, build trust with customers and prospects, and increase wins.

    Pipeline Visibility

    Know which deals are likely to close (and when) to build fact-based revenue projections.

    Sales Enablement

    Use actual voice-of-customer data to create impactful sales enablement materials and inform your go-to-market strategies.

    Sales Leaders

    Ultimate clarity for every deal.

    Sales Reps

    Simplify the sale. Win more deals.


    Optimize sales and revenue.


    Better listening. Better results.