Optimize Sales and Revenue

Traq.ai applies a scientific, systematic approach to improve pipeline and forecast accuracy.

Traq.ai allows sales teams to effortlessly record and transcribe their daily sales calls, get crucial insights on each buyer, and transform traditionally biased and inexact sales processes. This provides leaders with a full, unbiased view of the pipeline and of the status of each sale.

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Designed for Buyer Understanding

With Traq.ai, anyone involved in the sales operation including sales teams, their managers, and revenue operations gain complete visibility of daily sales conversations. For sales reps, this leads to improved follow-up and higher sales; for sales and RevOps leaders, a clear view of the pipeline brings far-ranging benefits including improved forecasting capabilities and more predictable revenue.

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Revenue-Boosting Benefits

Traq.ai is designed to help sales professionals understand their buyers while keeping sales processes and requirements front and center.

Data-Driven Effectiveness


Enhances sales team productivity 


Effortlessly captures everyday sales calls


Improves rapport and accelerates sales


Empowers effective coaching and training efforts


Makes it easy to adapt marketing and sales enablement collaterals to buyer needs


Provides informative, objective AI insights

Better Than a Productivity App

Productivity apps don’t necessarily improve efficiency in the long run. What does increase productivity is eliminating a time-consuming task that many people carry out every day: manual note-taking.

By getting rid of manual (incomplete, inaccurate) notes in favor of effortless conversation capture and AI analysis, sales reps and leaders are empowered to build better, more impactful strategies that impress buyers.

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The Power of Data to Drive Performance

Accurate conversation capture and objective pipeline data transform your sales team into a data-driven sales powerhouse fully capable of tackling any challenge the market throws at them.

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Traq.ai Platform Features:


Standalone desktop recorder – compatible with any Windows or Mac OS


Simple setup; ready to use in minutes


No integrations required


Easily import your existing third-party recordings


Fully compatible with any softphone/web conferencing tool


Mobile app for in-person meetings


One-click call recording

Direct Your Team with Laser-like Accuracy

From the discovery call onwards, every word exchanged by buyer and seller is important. Traq.ai is the solution to effortlessly record, transcribe, and analyze all of it in a way that is infinitely scalable and that directly improves revenue generation capabilities.

AI Conversation Intelligence Features

Call Score, Buyer Sentiment, Sales Objections, Feature Requests, Opportunities, and More

Out of the box AI-training capabilities to fit your business needs

A fully customizable Enterprise option allowing you to build your own AI sales intelligence engine

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Getting Started With Traq.ai Is Easy – Start Here

Whether or not your organization is already recording calls, you can sign up and start using Traq.ai in mere minutes.

To learn more about how Traq.ai can multiply your revenue generation capabilities, schedule a demo today.

Continue Your Journey

Discover how Traq’s unique platform delivers value across your entire sales organization:

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Built for Sales Reps

Eliminate the distractions of notetaking, and get the inside track on what your buyer really thinks.

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Deal-Winning Capabilities

Learn about our suite of technologies that transcend transcription and extract real sales insights.

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Change Your Game

Discover how our unique differentiators illuminate buyer behavior and improve win/close rates.

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Call Recording

Record everything your buyer wants and needs to build trust and maximize wins.

Conversation Intelligence

Get the knowledge you need to improve productivity, effectiveness, and win rates.

AI Note-Taking

Eliminate manual notes, build trust with customers and prospects, and increase wins.

Pipeline Visibility

Know which deals are likely to close (and when) to build fact-based revenue projections.

Sales Enablement

Use actual voice-of-customer data to create impactful sales enablement materials and inform your go-to-market strategies.

Sales Leaders

Ultimate clarity for every deal.

Sales Reps

Simplify the sale. Win more deals.


Optimize sales and revenue.


Better listening. Better results.

B2B Insurance

Empower your insurance business

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