Never Miss a Detail with Call Recording for Sales Conversations

Record everything your buyer wants and needs
to build trust and maximize wins.

Call recording for sales conversations
Call recording for sales conversations

Better Meetings, Automatically.

  • Give each buyer your undivided attention
  • Precisely capture what they want
  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Quickly build trust and rapport
  • Stop the stressful multitasking

With our Calendar integrations, every scheduled Google Meet, Zoom or Teams call is automatically recorded. So easy!

Become More Productive With Call Recordings

Without, you could easily spend up to 8-12 hours each week documenting calls instead of focusing on higher ROI activities.

With, you can also import any existing, standard-format call recording (like from an audio/video conferencing tool) into the platform for transcription and AI processing.

Call recording for sales conversations

Record Sales Meetings, Anywhere

Call recording for sales conversations

Got a sales meeting? Get it recorded. No matter where you are, which device you use, or what platform your call is on, just click to record.

Place: at your desk, in your car, at a tradeshow booth, or onsite with a client

Platform: VoIP / Softphone / Any Online Meeting Platform

Device: on your phone or computer

Recording to Improve Communication

In the back-and-forth of a sales cycle, misunderstandings can happen. To prevent them, share conversations with your buyer, stay on the same page and keep moving the sale forward.

    Call recording for sales conversations
    Call recording for sales conversations

    FAQ: Should I Record Calls?

    Many companies have implemented call recordings to monitor and improve customer service.

    Today, recording any kind of meeting is common practice. At the beginning of your meeting, remember to say that the call is being recorded.

    How to Become Better at Sales: Start By Listening

    In our view, improving your sales skills isn’t really about a “perfect” pitch, the percentage of time you speak, or the order of your questions.

    To sell more, begin by listening better. Ask open-ended questions and show a genuine interest in what your buyer is saying. Explore the problem that they are having, as well as the ramifications and consequences of that problem. When you know their issue, inside and out… you can design a solution they can’t live without.

    When you’re unburdened by manual note-taking, listening to your buyer is that much easier.

    Listen and Learn
    From Every Conversation encourages open communication and helps build trust with your buyer over time. As each call is being recorded and you learn about your buyer’s needs, you can use the Flag function to highlight an important statement or an emphatic tone of voice.

    What’s more, call recording is just the first step in improving your sales processes with AI. Soon after your conversation is over, we’ll let you know when your call is ready for review; besides a recording, you also receive a transcription, summary, and all the important insights about your buyer. And so the learning continues.

    Call recording for sales conversations
    Call recording for sales conversations

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