Adam Rubenstein, CEO and Dr. Willy Bolander, The Sales Lab podcast host and business professor at FSU, have a lighthearted conversation covering the sales profession, entrepreneurship, and the great potential of AI for sales and beyond.

“Build it and they do not come”

Long ago, Adam learned the sales motto “Build it and they do not come”. Meaning, that no matter how incredible your product is, people aren’t automatically going to line up at the door to buy it. That’s why sales is so important.

Tackling a big sales problem

After decades as a sales leader, facing the same challenge over and over again, Adam founded Traq365 (now to solve that problem. This longstanding problem is a lack of visibility – into the sales conversation and, by extension, into the sales pipeline.

Sales leaders need more insights

In companies everywhere, sales leaders don’t know much about the content of sales calls. Therefore they don’t objectively grasp what’s going on with each sales opportunity and can’t see precisely what issues the team is facing.

Automating and updating processes with AI

The problem is that before there hasn’t been an easy way to automatically capture all the insights contained in meetings with buyers.

Sales reps are instructed to engage the buyer, build trust, present effectively, listen actively, and, at the same time, take comprehensive meeting notes to enter into the CRM.

Obviously, manual notes are neither practical nor good enough to grasp all the details and complexity in these calls.

Capture and analyze sales conversations, grow your sales

This all changes through the use of to record, transcribe, analyze and summarize sales conversations. Because AI together with machine learning and natural language processing are very effective in analyzing the sales dialogue, there is no more missing information.

Listen to the full 21-minute episode to discover exactly how and why the advanced technology behind (including AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing) will transform the way you do sales.

Dr. Willy Bolander is a business professor at Florida State University and podcast host inspiring a new generation of sales pros. Connect with Willy on LinkedIn or check out his website –