You know the feeling when you have so much going on you don’t know where to start? You know you need to start something— preferably sales— but you have so many other tasks getting in the way that it’s hard to get to sales.

We’ve got some bad news: if this describes your workday, you’re going about your workday all wrong. You’re working harder when you should be working smarter.

When sales are often made on the tiniest details, you can’t afford to work harder instead of smarter.

The good news? There is a smarter way to manage your time and free up your sales team to actually, you know, do sales. And no, we’re not talking about basic time management hacks — we’re talking about changing the way you conduct your day for the better.

Picking Up Where Your Memory Leaves Off

Stop us if this sounds familiar: your sales team, gathered in a pipeline review session, going over calls, talking about issues, and holding strategy sessions. Your team can remember the major details, but when it comes to calls, there are a lot of small details.

Here’s the thing. Every sales rep thinks they have a fantastic memory for small details. They may have a great memory overall, but research shows that people remember an alarmingly small percentage of what they hear— only about 10%, in fact. This is because most of our brainpower is devoted to visual processing, the fact that most people don’t engage in active listening, and, of course, the fact that your sales team has so much going on.

Sales are made (or lost) on the little things. If your sales reps forget small details, those details could lose them a sale. But with so much happening in a day, it’s unrealistic to think any sales rep could hold all of it in their head.

Remember, work smarter, not harder. And that means investing in tools that allow you to capture every little detail.

Defining a Better Strategy

This is part of defining a better strategy for your sales teams.

The reality is that you’re not going to slow down anytime soon, and more importantly, you wouldn’t want to slow down. Slowing down means fewer sales. But that also means that your team needs to be more efficient. And that means strategic investments in your team’s success.

Think of it this way: you could try to hammer a nail into a plank of wood with your hands, but you won’t. That would be ridiculous when you could just get a hammer, a tool designed to get a nail through a plank of wood quickly and efficiently.

The same thing goes for sales tools. And that’s where we come in.

The Tool You Need to Strengthen Your Sales

We know that conversations happen fast. Taking notes during a conversation makes it difficult to stay engaged while taking notes afterward means you’re likely to forget something.

Traq is a smarter tool for sales reps who spend their days on and off the phone, managing thousands of details. It records and transcribes every conversation, regardless of the tool you use to have the conversation.

That way, you can stop attempting to hold details in your head and instead focus on having a conversation— and making the sale.