Artificial Intelligence is an amazing family of technologies that all have several things in common: they’re able to consume vast quantities of data, they require data and inputs from users to help the system “learn”, and when both of those things are in place, AI can perform tasks and analysis astoundingly well.

At Traq, we call that “feeding the beast”. Artificial intelligence gets more powerful as its data set expands, and its ability to conduct and deliver analysis increases exponentially as it processes more data. It’s a never-ending cycle, and it’s a pretty incredible one…but it comes with a catch.

As powerful as AI can be, in its infancy it requires human input.

Machines learn because humans teach them, and artificial intelligence is no different. For any AI to really excel, it needs users at the helm to help “teach” it, and some need initial data sets from human teams to help train the algorithms and analysis. This means that, at the outset, the outputs from AI are…less than perfect. (You’ve all seen the movie or book titles created by neural nets, right? Yeah. Pretty hilarious.)

While the promise of AI is pretty amazing, we know some people might hesitate to use products built on machine learning that hasn’t yet processed enough data and “learned” enough through human input to be highly accurate. For example, users of text analytics platforms long for sentiment analysis that can accurately determine whether a sentence is communicating positive or negative feelings (or a combination of both at once!). But language always changes, and human use of language is exceedingly complex, so there’s an ongoing need for users to help teach algorithms when sarcasm is being used, or when a word like “sick” is actually used to describe something awesome. That takes work, and some dedicated people to help make it happen.

For a project like Traq that holds the promise of truly revolutionizing sales through the application of AI, we have the quintessential catch 22. Or maybe it’s the chicken-and-egg problem. Users want a great tool they can use to kick their sales performance into overdrive – and of course, so do we — but the solution won’t be great without users and their input to help our algorithms learn.

So, we’re looking for your help.

If you’re a sales professional who considers yourself adventurous, curious about AI, and a believer in its promise, and you’re someone willing to make an investment in both your own future and technology, may be a good fit for you.

We’ve built a unique sales platform that’s going to grow and evolve into a powerful platform that rocks the sales ecosystem as we’ve known it. Over time, we know it will help you perform your job at a higher level, get deals done more efficiently and accurately than ever, and crush your revenue goals quarter after quarter.

AI is the missing link, and we want you to be part of helping us make into the powerhouse we know it can be. If you’re in, and you want to help us build the sales application that every high performer can’t live without. We’d love to hear from you.