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by Oct 12, 2019Productivity, Traq

Sales tools such as CRMs are not built for salespeople.  They’re built for managers. That’s a shame … and a big problem.

CRMs are great for providing visibility into pipeline numbers or organizing the contact information for prospects. But they’re terrible tools for capturing the most vital and meaningful information that accumulates during the sales process.

Deals are driven by details. The conversation you had with a prospect about their shifting business challenges, or the customer service issue that surfaced in your last meeting that’s putting revenue at risk.

It’s the difference between knowing the numbers behind an opportunity and understanding the more qualitative, nuanced factors that can make or break its likelihood of closing.

We call the sum total of this vital, unstructured information the sales narrative, or the storyline that underpins every deal in our pipeline. But it’s the information that so often falls through the cracks.

Today, the tools we have to manage our sales processes are woefully inadequate, and they’re not built for the way sales works. As sales professionals, we cobble together spreadsheets or note-capture applications and try to make a to-do list out of our inboxes.

But none of these elements works together and critical deal intelligence gets lost or overlooked. It’s a frustrating problem, so it’s one we set out to solve. is designed to make salespeople’s lives more effective, more productive, more efficient … and ultimately more successful.  We’ve created a purpose-built platform – one designed by salespeople, for salespeople – to make capturing and mining the sales narrative easy and simple.

We’re leaning into key capabilities like:

  • Integrating notes, emails, documents, and contacts into a single location that sales professionals can work from
  • Applying data encoding and AI to put structure to unstructured data and surface the actionable intelligence that’s embedded in each sales narrative
  • Connecting with key CRM systems to help marry traditional sales opportunity and contact data with sales narrative intelligence
  • Building in smart objects like opportunities, risks, and tasks to help connect vital information about deals and prospects and help sales professionals take action to move deals forward

Sales is hard enough already. Technology shouldn’t make it worse. So at Traq, our quest is to create a sales platform that’s better than anything that’s been built before and put the power of the sales narrative back where it belongs: in the hands of every salesperson.

Are you a top-performing sales professional? Manager? Are you frustrated with the way you’ve had to manage your pipeline and your prospects to date?

We’d love to hear from you. Try as a sales productivity tool and help us build the best sales productivity platform on the market.

We know we can do more. We know the sales narrative is packed with the valuable intelligence we need to get more deals closed. And we’re excited to be building the platform that will help bring it all together. What would you like to see from a modern sales productivity platform? Sound off in the comments.

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Conversation Intelligence

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Better listening. Better results.