A vast majority of companies use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to store information about their buyers. Along with phone and email, the CRM has become essential to businesses today.

A more recent tool, AI for Sales, is now growing in popularity to become just as important to sales teams.  And when you integrate AI for Sales into your CRM, you make it more powerful.

An AI for Sales Integration further reduces the need for manual processes by connecting your CRM directly with your AI for Sales platform.

Read on to learn how an AI for Sales Integration simplifies sales processes, puts critical information right at your fingertips, and increases the adoption of an AI for Sales tool.

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Does Your CRM Need an AI for Sales Integration?

Although your CRM is a must-have item, it’s likely not the be-all, end-all of customer (and prospect) relationship management.

Sure, you can find call logs, quick shorthand notes of a recent meeting, and similar snippets of sales team activity. But what’s missing is a full, realistic view of buyer wants and needs.

The good news is that with an AI for Sales Integration, your CRM can illuminate the information that really matters.

Update Your Processes; Keep up With Savvy Buyers

The main reason for the missing buyer data is a reliance on manual processes. Specifically, manual meeting notes.

In the day-to-day busyness of sales, you’re talking to buyers, listening to their requirements, attempting to understand their concerns, doing their best to build rapport, and sorting out risks and opportunities – all while trying to scribble some meeting notes.

Knowledgeable buyers & longer sales cycles = manual notes just can’t keep up.

Buyers are more informed than ever, taking time to research your company and your closest competitors. By the time you speak with them, they are asking pointed questions and looking for specific details so they can decide. That’s why a few rushed notes aren’t enough.

Improve Buyer Relationships

Compared with face-to-face communication, remote meetings can feel rushed and impersonal, and building good relationships with your B2B buyers is sometimes challenging.

But when you’re not burdened by manual note-taking, you can focus on communicating effectively with buyers, learning about them, and building trust.

An AI for Sales Integration provides many benefits, including:

  • Effortless meeting notes so you can devote buyers your full attention during a call;
  • AI-powered capture of all buyer questions, concerns, and opportunities so your follow-up is always on point;
  • Automated engagement scores so you can see if your communication is moving the needle or falling short;
  • The convenience of an automatic link to your CRM.

When you replace stressful multitasking meetings with in-depth, focused conversations — while knowing that all the important details are being captured and analyzed with AI and conversation intelligence — you are able to build good working relationships faster.

The "AI" in Your AI for Sales Integration

Thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, you get a full analysis of the dialogue between buyer and seller. You can view important topics, risks, and opportunities. This simplifies communication, reduces misunderstandings, and lets you focus on what matters most.

An AI for Sales Integration helps you answer questions like —

  • What solutions are they looking at?
  • What is the impact of their problem?
  • How ready are they to buy?
  • Are there any hidden obstacles?
  • And much more.

The in-depth analysis provided through the AI for Sales Integration is accessible straight from your CRM.

You’ll always know how to communicate effectively with each particular buyer, answering their questions and demonstrating your expertise.

Understand Pipeline Health

Launching an AI for Sales Integration for your CRM is advantageous far beyond any individual conversation or opportunity.

Over time, you get access to a vast amount of information about market demands and trends, you can clearly see the effectiveness of each team member, and you gain knowledge of the true status of each sale.

Facilitate AI for Sales Adoption

Introducing a new tool to your team can sometimes be met with resistance.

So it’s particularly useful when the new tool doesn’t disrupt familiar processes and procedures. Your team is already entering and managing information in the CRM every day.

With an AI for Sales Integration, they will keep accessing the CRM, but instead of spending time typing in, reviewing, and organizing their manual notes, they can now access everything they need to improve relationships with buyers. Win-win.

Easy to Find Deal-Winning Data

An AI for Sales Integration lets you record any sales conversation, whether it’s on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or any other web conferencing tool or softphone, then links the conversation analysis automatically in the CRM for easy access.

With an AI for Sales Integration like Traq.ai, you simply open a contact card in the CRM and get a complete overview of the latest conversations you had with that contact.

Make Your CRM More Powerful

When sales are won or lost on a razor’s edge, details are crucial. With automated meeting notes plus the powerful data provided by your AI for Sales Integration, you’re ahead of most of your competitors.

The insights you get from an AI for Sales Integration are detailed, objective, and easily accessible, right from your CRM.

AI for Sales is fast becoming a crucial tool in the sales tech stack. And with an AI for Sales Integration, sales organizations are transforming their sales processes even faster.

When you add an AI for Sales Integration to your CRM, you’re giving it more power to manage and improve your buyer relationships. Traq.ai offers AI for Sales Integrations with major CRMs. To learn more, schedule a demo today.