Sales tools such as CRMs are not built for salespeople;  they’re built for management so they have visibility into the pipeline.  That’s both a shame and a big problem.  The shame is that the tools that provide management with pipeline visibility are terrible tools when it comes to capturing the most valuable information that accumulates during the sales process, what we call the sales narrative.  Coincidently, the quality of the pipeline information is limited by the quality of this narrative information.  So let’s stop kidding ourselves.  Sales technologies are designed for the sales manager and senior management and by their very nature, provide less than good visibility into the sale.  Until now. is different.  It’s a solution designed to make salespeople’s lives more effective, more productive, more efficient … and ultimately more successful.  Of course, success is defined as more deals won.

You’re probably wondering what’s the difference? The difference is that CRMs are designed to capture structured information about the account such as Account information and firmographics, contact information such as email address, phone numbers and so forth as well as pipeline details. is designed to make it easier for salespeople to capture the narrative and to do so in a variety of ways depending on how the salespeople like to work.

It is certainly important to capture structured data. ​But we can’t ignore the narrative. ​And we shouldn’t depend on the salespeople to have perfect recall.  Yet that’s exactly what we do.  We want salespeople to attend meetings and have sales calls and then, after the event, ask them to document their recollection of the narrative.  This seems like we are putting our pipeline at the mercy of the salesperson’s memory.  That seems risky. lets salespeople work the way they want.  They can certainly type notes about the narrative.  But they can also record the conversation from their laptop or mobile phone, dictate notes on their laptop or mobile phone, or record conversations from their mobile phones.  These notes – transcribed into text if necessary – are then analyzed by’s Artificial Intelligence for actionable intelligence such as Opportunities, Risks, and Tasks.

Let’s give our sales team the tools they need to do their job better … and close more deals.  Let’s give them Traq.