A White-Label Offer that is in a League of its Own

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Your Brand + Our AI Assistant = The Power Duo

Introducing the unstoppable force of your brand, now paired with our AI assistant - a powerhouse duo sure to make waves and get results

Revolutionize your client service by harnessing the power of our cutting-edge software and integrating it with your CRM. Outset yourself from competitors, stay ahead in the market, and unlock an entirely new level of customer satisfaction!

How Our White-Label AI Tool Helps Your Clients

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Get Buyer Insights

Unearth hidden insights into your buyers and uncover opportunities you never knew existed. Traq.ai allows you to see patterns in their behavior – empowering better decisions today, and smarter strategies tomorrow!

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Clean Pipeline Visibility

Tap into real, customer-driven data to power your projections. Utilize objective scoring and unbiased intelligence for each opportunity – so you can make informed decisions with confidence!

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Effortless Note-taking with AI

Take some time to connect with your potential partner – while you’re having a conversation, we’re busy getting the details and curating deal-winning insights that can help close this deal.

Gain an Edge Over your Competition

Whitelabeling Traq will help you gain even more of a loyal client base as all the data, analytics, content, and details are going to be tracked in YOUR CRM.

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Follow Up Workflow

... SCALE!

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All-In-One CRM

Your CRM is unique, it’s intriguing, it’s already ahead of the competitors. We know.

We’re simply suggesting you enhance it with our game-changing technology helping companies across the nation gain insight into the needs of their buyers.

Increase Client Retention

You already house your client’s information in your CRM. Imagine housing even THEIR client information in your CRM because Traq records, transcribes, AND analyzes every call.

Why would anyone ever want to leave the platform?

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Amplify Your Brand with the Power of AI
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Call Recording

Record everything your buyer wants and needs to build trust and maximize wins.

Conversation Intelligence

Get the knowledge you need to improve productivity, effectiveness, and win rates.

AI Note-Taking

Eliminate manual notes, build trust with customers and prospects, and increase wins.

Pipeline Visibility

Know which deals are likely to close (and when) to build fact-based revenue projections.

Sales Enablement

Use actual voice-of-customer data to create impactful sales enablement materials and inform your go-to-market strategies.

Sales Leaders

Ultimate clarity for every deal.

Sales Reps

Simplify the sale. Win more deals.


Optimize sales and revenue.


Better listening. Better results.

B2B Insurance

Empower your insurance business

Become a Better Sales Coach

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