Creating a High-Performance Culture in a Remote World

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With the coronavirus pandemic redirecting the course of our lives, many sectors are beginning to wonder whether working from home is the future of work, even after the pandemic is over.

The problem is that remote work is hard–a lot harder than most people realize once the allure of working on your couch in your pajamas wears off. Working from home is not a skill most people possess, simply because they never had a reason to develop it.

Of course, as more and more teams become remote, you’re going to need to cultivate the skill fast. More than that, you want your teams to thrive and develop a high-performance culture that sets the bar for the whole office.

It is certainly possible to create a high-performance culture with a remote team. You just have to know how to manage the team successfully. Here are a few tips to help you get there.

Even before the coronavirus, the world was heading online. As the pandemic continues to keep a stranglehold on daily life, your sales team has to adapt to a whole new world of sales–further apart from their teammates than ever. But you can develop a high-performance remote culture, one that smashes your previous records out of the park.

Set Stretch Goals

When your commute is about five steps from your bed to your desk, it’s easy to slip out of a work mindset (assuming you ever managed to slip into one). It’s also easy to lower your performance standards when the team doesn’t have access to in-office amenities.

But if you want your team to truly excel, you’re going to have to do better than that.

One way to get your team in an achieving mindset is with stretch goals.

Think of it this way: teams don’t want to come to work and go through the motions of tasks any other team could accomplish. Teams want to come to work and do something outstanding. Stretch goals are goals that are just this side of impossible but above what your team can achieve easily. They’ll have to put in extra effort to get there.

And once you get in the habit of achieving stretch goals, you can set the bar a little higher.

Over Communicate (With the Right Tools)

Of course, with remote teams, working together is an art and a science. You can’t stop by a coworker’s desk to check on their progress, knock on the boss’s door when you have a question, or even have a casual chat in the breakroom. Instead, your communication is limited to what you deliberately seek out.

So, when you have a remote team, you have to provide them with the tools necessary to achieve that same level of communication. Or, put another way, provide your team with the tools to over-communicate on the details.

That way, you can keep everyone focused on the vision while ensuring no detail falls by the wayside. Plus, it will help your remote team feel more connected.

Ready to Build a High-Performance Culture?

As you can see, building a high-performance culture in a remote team starts with a deliberate strategy and the right tools to execute it. That’s where we can help.

Traq is the tool that allows teams to keep track of every detail, no matter how small. That way, everyone is always using a complete copy of the playbook and will always know what needs to be done.
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