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Built by Sales Pros, for Sales Pros

Our founders created with four key objectives for their solution:

  • Provide team-wide efficiency through automated call recording and transcription
  • Deliver actionable intelligence through AI-powered analysis
  • Offer unparalleled convenience through centralized storage of deal intelligence
  • Ensure crystal-clear visibility into deals, pipelines and coaching opportunities

Here’s why they did it.

We Wanted Something Better.

In the 25 years we’ve led sales teams, we never found a sales solution that effectively demystified buyer behavior, illuminated opportunities and risks to our deals, and stored actionable intel and follow-up tasks in one location.

We built to deliver this visibility. Our unique platform effortlessly leverages call transcription and artificial intelligence to streamline sales calls, accelerate deals and generate more revenue, fast.

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Adam Rubenstein

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Rubenstein is a lifelong entrepreneur whose expertise includes building successful sales teams and overseeing cost-effective, scalable delivery processes for data management.

Adam has managed complex enterprise sales teams of 15 to 50 members, including sales executives, business development representatives, account managers, sales engineering, support staff and others.

Prior to Traq, Adam co-founded MotionPoint Corporation. Under his sales leadership, the company’s customer base grew to 1,200, with an annual revenue of $42 million ($18+ million of which was Annual Recurring Revenue). Adam holds 19 technology patents associated with proxy-based website translation.

Prior to MotionPoint, Adam co-founded Convenience Products Corporation and created a market for the then-new products of prepaid calling cards and prepaid wireless. Convenience Products was purchased by ConQuest Telecommunications.

Adam holds a bachelor’s degree from The Colorado College and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business.

Peter Rice

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Rice brings more than 25 years of software development, web technology, IT infrastructure and business management expertise to his role at Traq.

Prior to Traq, Peter co-founded the Cleveland-based technology firm Webtego, Inc. He has extensive experience designing and developing sophisticated IT systems for companies of all sizes in a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation, logistics and financial services.

Peter is an accomplished leader with strong technical expertise and a passion for finding appropriate solutions to complex problems. He has worked on and directed teams that have developed and delivered world-class web and cloud-based technology platforms that drive business results for companies of all sizes.

Chris Rice

Chief Experience Officer

Chris Rice has a deep understanding of applied marketing and user behavior, and the vision to incorporate ease and simplicity into highly complex business tasks.

Prior to Traq, served as Partner and Leader Designer for the technology firm Webtego, Inc. There, he oversaw the UI/UX design and coding of every product the company produced, including marketing and e-commerce websites, B2B portals and corporate intranets.

In addition, Chris managed the relationships and collaborated with multiple branding, marketing, advertising and SEO/SMM partners to devise and implement client strategies. He also often participated as an extended team member of customers’ internal marketing and IT departments.

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