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Give Superpowers to Your Insurance Sales & Claims Teams

Save hours every week, close more prospects, identify fraud, and improve customer service with Al.

Includes FREE instant eBook download “Unlock the Power of Customized Conversation Intelligence.”

Insuretech landing page

How can Al dramatically improve insurance sales team’s performance?

Save hours each week & close more sales with an AI-enhanced sales process. will transform your insurance sales process, saving your team hours of time each week and making them dramatically more effective. Every call is recorded, transcribed, summarized, attached to a CRM contact along with action items and next steps.

Eliminate Administrative Work

Let do the administrative heavy lifting so you can focus on converting prospects into happy clients.

  • Automatically record, transcribe, take notes during each sales call
  • Receive the transcription, notes, and recommended action items instantly

Close More Prospects

Empower your sales team to follow-up with every single prospect.

  •’s groundbreaking call analysis scans each sales call for important words and phrases to give you unprecedented insight
  • Every call is summarized and action items identified
  • Discover the “why” behind the deals that failed

Improve Your Team’s Performance

Track, forecast, and improve your sales like never before.

  • Make decisions based on fact-based analysis
  • Gain fresh and meaningful insight into your team’s effectiveness

Includes FREE instant eBook download “Unlock the Power of Customized Conversation Intelligence."

How can AI significantly improve your claims process?

Save time, identify fraud, and improve customer service with

Streamline and improve your claims process like never before with the power of artificial intelligence. With AI-powered call analysis created specifically for the insurance industry, is disrupting insurance claims management for the better.

A Faster, More Accurate Claims Process

Never miss a detail during claims management.

  • Focus 100% of your attention on the claims conversation
  • Automatically record, transcribe, and take notes on every video call
  • Record on-site claims conversations, using our mobile app

Automatically Detect Insurance Fraud

Increase productivity and accuracy while reducing loss and operational costs.

  • Quickly identify possible fraud with groundbreaking call analysis
  • Identify key phrases and nuances that are often overlooked by humans

Learn From Your Top Performers

Improve your overall claims process with objective, unbiased data on your agency’s performance.

Includes FREE instant eBook download “Unlock the Power of Customized Conversation Intelligence."

Here’s How We Do It streamlines your sales and customer interactions by utilizing advanced AI to record, transcribe, and analyze calls to provide actionable insights and coaching to drive success.

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Call Recording & Transcription

Our platform ensures that every important detail from your conversations is captured and transcribed accurately, creating a reliable and searchable text record that helps you revisit conversations and uncover valuable information.

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Call Notes & CRM Integration enables you to take quick and efficient call notes, which are then automatically synced with your CRM, ensuring that all customer interactions are logged and easily accessible for future reference.

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Customer Insights & Objections

Gain deeper insights into your customers’ needs, preferences, and potential objections, enabling you to address concerns proactively and build stronger, more positive relationships.

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Pipeline Visibility

Improve your sales pipeline management with clear visibility and actionable insights, helping you identify bottlenecks, prioritize efforts, and drive deals to close faster.

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Sales Enablement & Coaching

Enhance your sales team’s effectiveness and increase deal closures by leveraging personalized coaching and strategic insights derived from actual call data, ensuring a data-driven approach to sales performance improvement.

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Customized Analyses offers tailor-made analyses that align with your unique business goals and challenges, providing personalized insights and recommendations to optimize your sales strategies and enhance overall performance.

What Clients are saying about us

See how has improved their productivity and profitability.


Incredible Product

Incredible product, even better support team. Robust feature offering, great training/support team willing to go above and beyond to accomodate. They offered the functionality we needed and a competitive price.


Made a big change

Made a big change to my sales calls and allowed me to coach my team. With Traq’s scoring system, it’s easy to identify calls that require further analysis.


Traq makes it easy makes it easy. I can focus on the call and my prospects and know I’ll have all the info I need, organized, when I need to reference it.

Insuretech landing page


Since 2021 has led the field in sales performance training and sales acceleration saving teams thousands of hours and helping them recapture millions in potentially lost revenue.

You have nothing to lose

You have no risk with our 100% free (extendable) 14-day trial

If you try and don’t fall madly in love with it within 14 days, just stop using it and move on with your life.

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Frequently asked questions

Will we have to make changes to our current sales process?

No changes to your process are required, however may uncover insights that will make you WANT to modify your sales processes for the better.

How much will it cost? costs less per month than your average sales guy spends at lunch and could save him up to 5 hours a week, freeing him up to make more sales calls and close more deals.

Does it work for companies using Hubspot or Salesforce?

Yes, in fact can automatically sync call data right into your CRM and associate it with each client so everyone at your company will have a log of past calls.

Why should we trust you? has been providing Al-enhanced sales enablement services since 2021, before Al was part of everyday conversation. Since that time, we’ve served dozens of clients clients and helped them close millions in sales.

Call Recording

Record everything your buyer wants and needs to build trust and maximize wins.

Conversation Intelligence

Get the knowledge you need to improve productivity, effectiveness, and win rates.

AI Note-Taking

Eliminate manual notes, build trust with customers and prospects, and increase wins.

Pipeline Visibility

Know which deals are likely to close (and when) to build fact-based revenue projections.

Sales Enablement

Use the voice of your customers to hone your go-to-market strategies. mobile app/ The In-person meeting AI assistant

Trade Show and In-person Meeting

The essential app for capturing and optimizing your in-person meetings.

Sales Leaders

Ultimate clarity for every deal.

Sales Reps

Simplify the sale. Win more deals.


Optimize sales and revenue.

B2B Insurance

Empower your insurance business

Insurance Claims

Streamline claims processing


Better listening. Better results.


Building a High-Performance Sales Team with Sales Conversation Intelligence

The Power of Customized Conversation Intelligence ebook